Is IGNOU Degree Valid or Valuable?

Is IGNOU Degree Valuable? When a student plans for further studies from a distance learning education, it is not the course that creates confusion, but the credibility of degree does. Likewise, if your next target is studying in IGNOU, then we are certain, hundreds of questions might be trotting in your mind.

Say, will I be able to get a government job with a degree from IGNOU?

Will IGNOU degree be able to lift my career?

Will I get equal job opportunities with an IGNOU degree or not?

Many more queries will be roaring around, but the moral of the entire scenario connects with one string – Is IGNOU Degree Valuable?

The answer to this question is YES, so, don’t go on the journey of stress, and instead, focus on the education program you have chosen from IGNOU. Even from the earlier days, passed out of students from IGNOU has lured several jobs and is now working with top-notch companies. The same outline is being repeated even now. From teachers to businessmen, IGNOU has showered prestigious positions all over the world with its magnificent students.

During Covid-19 pandemic in India, many of the student are now choosing IGNOU university for their further studies for its distance learning because students did not have to be physically present at IGNOU centre as they can join IGNOU online classes on various IGNOU channels and can prepare with the help of IGNOU Online Books. Furthermore, the university also send their markshet and certificate to their home without personally submitting the application to IGNOU.

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Is IGNOU a Government University?

To understand whether IGNOU is a government university or not, we need to go through some in-depth information. The name IGNOU is defined as Indira Gandhi National Open University that came into the formation under the Parliament Act 1985. The motive behind the establishment of IGNOU is to impart high-level education to the deserving candidates from society. Its concept of teaching revolves around Open Distance Learning mode, also known as ODL, enabling the students to nurture their career with the best of efficacy.

There is no doubt of IGNOU being a government university, as it is proven with its formation. Plus, the mandate behind its creation is another rationale to demonstrate its integrity.

When summarised in a few sentences, IGNOU has come into existence not only to provide higher education to each and every segment of the society but to impart innovatively and need-based educational programs. Where the fee structure and timing of the educational system are elevating, IGNOU has turned the table with affordability and flexibility programs giving valid degrees that can be accessible all over the globe.

How Can I get IGNOU Degree?

Attainment of IGNOU degree will pose you to discharge some of the most elastic criteria along with credibility to exert a pull on your dream jobs. Now, we will talk about what all you have to do in order to get a degree from this distance learning university.

First Step – Decide on the course you are willing to take admission in IGNOU. After that, search for the eligibility criteria and requirements from the official website of IGNOU. Once you are done will this task, jump on with the second one immediately.

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Second Step – The filling of the admission form of IGNOU courses starts from here. It depends on you as to how do you want to submit the application form as both online and offline process is open.

Third Step – If all the measures are performed cautiously, you will surely get your seat, so pay the fees in one time or installment.

Fourth Step – At this time, your focus should be on completing the course without getting into any kind of a mess. Depending on the course type, the duration will matter and seamlessly one fine day; you will reach the point of examinations. Settle each examination with defined efforts with the help of IGNOU course material, previous questions papers, etc.

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Final Step – The instance you have scored well in the examinations and have passed in all, you can obtain the mark sheet from IGNOU’s website. Remember, this mark sheet will be provisional. To get hold of the main degree, you are supposed to wait for few months for the IGNOU Convocation. Otherwise, it will be sent to your postal address.

These were the five kind steps, via which you can easily grip a degree from IGNOU University without much ado.

Is IGNOU Degree Valid in Overseas or Foreign Countries?

As per the conversation we were having with reference to “Whether IGNOU is a government university or not,” it will suffice this answer. The degree from IGNOU University is valid and acceptable in overseas and foreign countries with ease. The robust reason behind IGNOU is a recognized university under UGC and is governmental too. Adding further, the degree from this university is approved by DEC and AICTE as well. Therefore, academically, no one will raise a question on this prospect. No matter which degree you are holding in your hand, say under graduation, graduation, post-graduation, Ph.D., etc., step up and live your dreams in any part of the world with IGNOU degrees.

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Is IGNOU Degree Valid to Join Employment Programs?

The stature of a student only on the basis that his or her degree was obtained through a distance learning university was a question in the court in the year 2014. The High Court of Allahabad passed the judgment in favor of the validity of IGNOU, stating; no such candidate can be restricted from employment on the specified condition. Doing this will upset the mandate of the Parliament Act under which IGNOU was actually formed.

Hence, you are free to apply for any jobs in India and abroad, relying on your IGNOU degree. Explain further, the degree from IGNOU is equal to any accredited university in India. It connotes, you have the ultimate liberty in your hands.

Also, we shall not wipe off the other reasons for which you should consider studying in IGNOU.

Until now, we were having a chat on the validity of the IGNOU degree, and you must have received it under the context. Even if you plan to sit and compare the credibility of IGNOU degree with the any other accredited university of India, nothing will fall short. Apart from this, IGNOU has been serving the country since long and now have opened arms globally. It plays its part in being a trusted education provider by helping the students in fulfilling their career dreams sitting in any corner.

Plus, the study effectiveness, need-based programs, technological advancements, global tie-ups, availability of world-class course materials, etc. have made it the largest open university. Today, IGNOU proudly teach over 3 million students, which is enough to accept the integrity of its educational programs.

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